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Error Handling in SnapLogic

Introduction Errors may occur in every program, integration, code snippet, server, and so on for many different reasons. Syntax, semantics, logical, run-time, and Compile-Time problems can cause errors, for example. The main purpose of “Error Handling” in an integration project is to have a common way to handle errors without losing data or disrupting the […]

Development of custom sleep Snap for SnapLogic platform

Working with SnapLogic and other integration tools all these years made me think multiple times and explore a bit what is going on “behind the scenes” and learn a bit more about how the platforms work, what is the core code behind them etc. Having in mind that we all started with application development when […]

SnapLogic monitoring tool got its User Interface

Introduction In addition to the previous blog post “Monitoring Tool in SnapLogic” in this one we will present the power of SnapLogic as an integration tool and usability and flexibility of combining SnapLogic with other technologies and frameworks. Also, we offer more sophisticated way for monitoring pipelines without even logging on the SnapLogic platform. You […]

Monitoring Tool in SnapLogic

Introduction Big companies, especially those that are merged between two or more companies are always deciding to use integration because of its main benefits such as rapid development, big data throughputs, scalability and many more. How much the projects are increasing, their monitoring and being notified about everything is becoming a nightmare. Notifications everywhere, most […]

Automated SnapLogic Processes by Using Triggered and Scheduled Tasks

Automation enables you to be more effective and efficient and also enables you to spend more of your time adding value doing more effective things. By automating the routine of your regular job, you free up time to focus on things you would like to fix, improve, or upgrade in your environment. Automation is a […]

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