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support Archives - InterWorks

InterWorks’ February Accomplishments

  February is the month when all the holidays have passed, and companies start working at a higher speed and with bigger enthusiasm than the previous year. New commitments are made and everyone is eager to experience the new challenges that the year ahead has to offer. February at InterWorks was full of challenges, lots […]

SnapLogic running processes support and process customization upon demand

Introduction   SnapLogic offers very thorough dashboard that is extensively used by production support specialists.     This dashboard displays running pipelines and the pipelines that completed, run history, run status, time, duration and so many other details. The display is nearly in real time; it refreshes every 10 seconds. Based on these details, support […]

Dutch embassy support (MMF & CBI)

July, 2013

Among a severe number of IT companies from Macedonia, InterWorks was elected in the MMF and CBI programs of the Dutch embassy in Skopje. Both programs are expected to give big impulse on InterWorks goal to penetrate the Dutch and surrounding EU markets. We are extremely graceful the Netherlands government and their embassy in Macedonia for this opportunity and their continuing support over the years.