Who We are?

Are my software and my project ideas safe and protected?

We start every relationship with signing NDA. That is from the legal point of view. Our consultants are educated to respect the IP of our Clients. In our 10 years’ experience there was not a single breach of any disclosing information or a complaint from our Clients in this regard.

Do you have R & D in the company or do you collaborate with Scientific Institutions?

Yes, we have internal R & D team in every Practice. And yes, we have a strong relationship with Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology in Bremen and we provided a solution for MARUM Institute.

Can you work with many partners on a single project?

Yes, we are a Partner on the Micro B3, EU funded project, with 32 partners, duration of 4 years and a budget of >9M euros.

Do you have any Quality standards?

Yes, we have two ISO standards certificates, for Quality (9001:2008) and Environment (14001:2004).

Do you know what Social Responsibility is?

Yes. Our SR goes in two directions: inside and outside of the company. Inside, it is related to our commitment for transparent, creative and democratic company. Wellness of our employees is our primary goal. Outside of the company, we are actively supporting our local community. We developed several projects for our Municipality, pro bono. In addition, as a company and as individuals, we are supporting many humanitarian activities.

Are your Clients one time or returning Clients?

Returning! It happens often when the project is exhausted or the project was finished. But with the new budget, the Client is coming back to us to start a new project or series of projects

Do you have escalation policy?

Yes, depending on the project scale, there are at least three escalation levels!

What about the training of our staff?

In addition to the standard technical documentation and Coding standards, we have created tons of User documentation and online Help. But when needed and if it is a part of the contract we can train your staff as well, basically utilizing the “Train the Trainer” process. Our philosophy is, what use of the perfect software if our Clients don’t know what to do with it?

What is the average age of your consultants?

We have a perfect balance in the company, between youth and experience, in other words between unlimited creation and wisdom

What about high level experts in your team? Can we have only the best technical people from your side?

We believe in team success, so we construct our teams with a sense of team collaboration and expertise. The success of a team is what is important so we stick to the team spirit as the major team value

How do you learn new technologies?

We pay much attention to the professional career of our employees and we have built a culture of curiosity and hunger for knowledge. To remind you, we started with basic Java and TIBCO knowledge, only. Today we have 6 different practices and we are looking to extend and improve the existing ones

Can we employ some of your experts? Are you maybe staffing company?

No, we are not and we’ll never be. That is clearly visible in our Mission Statement… Our employees are not just numbers or profit machines; they have Names and personality which we respect and each of them is important for the overall company success.

What are you most proud of?

There was a project that made the Client unsatisfied with the results. We asked for a second chance, and in a short while, it ended up with unforgettable success.

Do you have infrastructure that guarantees technology will not be the bottle neck on our potential new project?

We have world class infrastructure with several Internet connections as a backup, USA land line phones. We also invest a lot in following the latest technical trends in this regard. Our concept is, laptops for the Cosultants and VMs on the servers

Do you have dedicated technology teams? How are you organized in this regard?

We have Practices. The Practices are somewhere named as Divisions, Services and like. They are originally built on the basis of a technology platform but they are more than just a set of technologies and tools. They are business units on their own with strong relations to other Practices in the company. Be informed in more details about our Practices on our WEB site…

Have you ever sponsored some events?

Yes, we did it many times before. We sponsored not only IT but cultural and sports events as well. The last is the ITO & BPO, Germany Forum, 2014 where we are “Sponsor A”

Are you focused on one particular market only?

No, we are present on the USA and EU markets. In Europe, we worked on the German, Dutch, Swedish, Swiss, Austrian, Croatian, Bulgarian and other regional markets.

How do you know your current market position?

We do regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys, asking our Clients to be as critical as possible

Do you have gaps between billable projects so consultants are sitting on a bench?

We are completely aware that our consultants need some time to improve their skills. There are several ongoing internal trainings at all times which are organized as real projects. So when on the bench, our consultants are attending the training that is missing in their portfolio

So you have professional trainers?

Yes and No. We have trainers but we also developed our internal electronic training system. The consultants takes a course, learn and at the end takes the exam. That way she/he knows where she/he stands with the particular technology, but our HR department and Project Managers are also aware of the consultants skills on a particular technology

How does the first day of a novice looks like in your company?

The first day of our new employee starts long before the actual first day. The Orientation Guide, which might be anyone from InterWorks, contacts the new employee and guides her/him to the basic information about the Company. This process lasts at least three months.