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Women in Tech – Women in InterWorks

By being one and a half week away from 8th March, the International Women’s Day, we are proud to say that we believe in gender equality and equal employment opportunity leading us to be one of those companies where the number of female employees is almost equal to the number of male employees. In the spirit of 8th March, this and the following week we put focus on our female employees, their ambition, persistence, and hard work.

1. HR manager – Jasmina Antic Atanasovski

Work-life Balance

Being an HR manager in a highly demanding and dynamic company like InterWork is, makes me proud because I feel an immense passion for my job and my company. Though many might think that working like this requires sacrifice, I would say that when you have a supportive environment as I do, and when you love what you do, you will find a way to make a balance between your work and private life.


Our company’s culture is simply a shared way of doing all the things with passion. By nurturing our core values, taking care of each other and giving the best to our clients with great passion, we build our culture where each and everyone counts.

2. Data Management Practice Lead – Emanuela Srbinovska Stojkovska

Work-life Balance

I love the fact that we, humans, have limitless capabilities. Being a Data Management Practice Lead in InterWorks is not only a highly responsible and demanding role but also it gives absolute fulfillment and constant professional growth. As a proud mother and wife, I strongly believe that work-life balance is a key to a happy life and I can proudly say that I am successfully living it with the help and support of my family and my company. Everything is possible if you are passionate and grateful for what you have and do.


Challenges happen for a reason – to make us stronger and wealthier. They are the point of development and maturity making us explore things and gain experience. The most important thing regarding challenges is our state of mind and how we see challenges – whether as problems or chances. Speaking about myself, I see challenges as chances to learn and improve myself further.

3. PHP Developer – Jasmina Trombeva

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is the most challenging issue both for employees and employers. The employees have to find a way to be present in all spheres of life, and employers have to provide employees the opportunity to make that work-life balance.

At InterWorks, I am working as a PHP developer, which fulfills me and makes me happy and proud. Another thing that makes me proud is that InterWorks is a huge supporter of work-life balance and gives me the flexibility to organize my private time.

Growth & Challenges

During our life, we are faced with challenges all the time. And as web developers, each day we experience various challenges requiring teamwork, thinking out-of-the-box and communication. Each challenge that we face, regardless of its size – small or complex, puts us on another level – personally and professionally – and that leads to our growth.

And the feeling that you get when you solve a problem and learn something new is priceless.